Your personality is "The Dance Temple"!

The Dance Temple
Dancing is your religion. If you could, you would devote your life to the movement of limbs. It doesn't even matter to you what kind of movement, since all dances are sacred to you. Your friends respect your eagerness to go to as many festivals, clubs, concerts and parties as you can. They love your seemingly unlimited energy and physical stamina. When you dance you feel as though you become one with all life and the universe, which is an ecstatic feeling you chase with fervor. As a Dance Temple personality, you are not so much interested in communicating through words, especially when there's music playing. This means that the people that want to talk with you sometimes feel confused when they're around you.
Advice: consider the activity of thinking to be a form of... abstract dancing, and you will be able to dance with everyone you meet. Also, eat more veggies for better stamina!

New album "Personality Test" out May 14th 2019 on The Funky Cat