Your personality is "Space Out (Far Out Version)"!

Space Out (Far Out Version)
You... are weird. Very weird. Are you sure you're not some kind of gnome, or alien? Maybe you've listened too much to that cult leader, you know, the one that never sleeps. You love to trip on weird unknown substances, which might have warped your brain a little too much. But you like it! Your friends know you always have something 'fun' to consume. Drugs are your thing. Or maybe... you ARE drugs. You catch yourself pondering about what fun dimension people would visit if they ate one of your beard hairs, or a piece of your green pointy hat, or nibble on your balls. You laugh out loud at this last string of words. Is that what they mean by tripping balls? The colorfully fractal elf machine balls that surround you let out waves of gritty, yet liquid laughter.
Advice: Acknowledge that you are a gnome. A gnome very much in need of a decent pair of pants.

New album "Personality Test" out May 14th 2019 on The Funky Cat