Your personality is "Lucky You"!

Lucky You
Lucky You personalities are the much needed Elon Musks of this society. You are an ambitious, no-nonsense and intense, always searching for novel solutions to societal and personal problems. Knowing that you only live once, you are ready to fully play the game of life, courageously facing any pressures. When life gives you lemons, you do everything in your power to transform these lemons into the best tasting lemonade anyone has ever made.

You are aware of your limitless potential power to change the world for the better. But sometimes, however much this fact inspires you, this pressure can be too much for one pair of shoulders to bare on their own. Consider going to some Gatherings or parties to relax and let go once in a while - you might find some willing co-conspirators who would love to help out with your aspirations!

New album "Personality Test" out May 14th 2019 on The Funky Cat