Your personality is "Child's Play"!

Child's Play
To anyone who first meets you, you are a calm, responsible and likable adult. And this is true, to a point - because the real you is the exact opposite. All you want to do is take off that heavy cloak of maturity once in a while and just go outside and play! Play like the innocent, wide eyed child you never truly ceased to be. Climb in trees, jump into puddles after the rain, play old school video games... (you know, the one with the rabbit?)

But the stresses of daily adult life seem to prohibit you from expressing this far more than is healthy for you - You would do good to plan a day once in a while to let loose your inner little monkey. Who knows, maybe someone would like to join you, if you ask them?

New album "Personality Test" out May 14th 2019 on The Funky Cat