Your personality is "Personality Test"!

Personality Test
Psychology is your thing! How do people work, why are they the way they are, act the way they do? These questions are a delight to you to ponder and explore, even though you rarely come to a fixed conclusion. People's minds are beautiful mysterious things to you, after all.
But one of these questions you have keeps coming back to you: 'How to be original?' You do feel original, and you've noticed that it's all about energy... about.... personality.
How quaint that you feel so secure about who you are, yet curious to see what happens when you'll explore it further. That your 'energy' and 'style' somehow imbues everything that you say, do and create. The quest for originality is therefore infallible to you. Whatever you do, it will be imbued with you... your originality.

You're probably overthinking this already. Stop it.

New album "Personality Test" out May 14th 2019 on The Funky Cat