Your personality is "Two Deeper"!

Two Deeper
Strength is your creed. You are the warrior, the proverbial dragon slayer, the champion. Though you don't really care about fame or fortune - for you, it's all about the thrill of battle, winning the fight or competition. You care about your skills and hone them in order to achieve your goals, and you do not get phased at the thought of getting your hands dirty in the process. You embrace your darkness and skillfully utilize it when needed.
Your resolve to strive for what you want and eagerness to jump into battle are often misperceived by others as evil bloodlust. To ensure you are not being shunned by the people you care about, it is wise to utilize your gifts in order to protect and support those who find themselves in vulnerable positions.
And last but not least, Two Deeper personality types... have a knack for, um... untidiness.
Like... dirty shit?
Please don't kill me

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