Your personality is "The Stage Is A U.F.O."!

The Stage Is A U.F.O.
You are an alien. Like, a literal one. You come from a faraway planet circling a dwarf star that shines green and purple light. Your race has fled their barren planet due to their past of destruction and wasting planetary resources, and have adapted to living in spaceships that can land on planets. You have been selected to be on a mission to visit a blue-green planet called Earth, inhabited by a species who are on the brink of destroying their planet as well, to indoctrinate them into not making the same mistakes made by your own kin.
You turn on your camouflage suit, wait for an opportune moment to land your spaceship in an exotic place known by the natives as the Lower Lands, and activate the transformer-like process of turning it into a 'stage' and start 'jockeying the decks'. Music is universal, and your alien sound waves will definitely be heard by a flock of unsuspecting, open minded Homo Sapiens.
A rave to save the world is needed. Good luck!

New album "Personality Test" out May 14th 2019 on The Funky Cat